Man made carpets

January 10, 2023


Andy Foster


The materials you carpet are made from can dramatically affect how easy it is to maintain and clean them.

Wool-mix carpets are still commonplace in your local carpet warehouses. They offer long lasting carpets with a luxurious feel.

Man made materials such as polypropylene are becoming increasingly popular as they offer almost unlimited colours, patterns and textures. They are hardwearing and often are marketed as 'bleachable'.

Natural materials are coloured by dying them, which makes them susceptible to being stained by anything with a strong pigment such at curry, wine or make up. They can prove to be difficult to clean and similarly difficult to offer guarantees on the success of stain removal.

Man made carpets can offer a far greater success rate when it comes to stain removal and are often a lot easier to clean. They come in many textures which can rival the luxurious feel of wool and other natural fibres.

In summary, man made fibres can give you cleaner and more hardwearing carpets thus allowing you to keep your carpets longer resulting in long term savings.

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